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Specialists for Commercial and Industrial Property

JACOBI IMMOBILIEN has been a family run brokerage firm for two generations. A solid grounding in training and education, decades of experience, extensive market knowledge as well as excellent contacts with authorities and institutions make us one of the more competent real estate specialists for business and industry in the metropolitan region of Hamburg. We also offer nationwide to our customers the services required for sustaining their success.

Whether dealing with rented property or when buying property we place a great deal of worth on a close, trusting partnership with our customers. Consequently we can assuredly and quickly locate the most suitable property for the customer. Whether we are searching for office buildings, professional practices, retail sites, warehouses for production or storage, locating land for commercial or logistical centres we get only the very best solution as a result of our careful analysis of property. The property shown on this website represents only a selection of what we in total have on offer at the present time, and which we, with financial independence, continually develop. Those offering property can get an overview of the various specifications of searching customers' orders.

We are also happy to provide you with this and other information about property on offer and our other services in English upon request.

You can reach us by telephone at +49 40 325 66 50 and by fax at +49 40 32 68 05 or under info@jacobi-immobilien.de